Benefits of IROPE

The muscles in our body are crucial to various types of movement – voluntary and involuntary. Every minute of every day they play a very important role in how we act and react in our daily lives. Needless to say, we use different muscles and combinations of muscle groups when we jump rope whether for play or physical conditioning.

Please scroll over the name of the muscle or organ on the diagram below to learn about how that muscle functions. The exercise tips listed for some muscle groups are intended for you to use throughout the course of the day to help relieve stress and most can be done sitting or standing.

"If initiative is the ability to do the right thing; then efficiency is the ability to do the thing right"
- Kelly Miller

Backward twirling and multi-directional movement are what make the IROPE Fitness Program ™ unique from all others. Based on backward twirling, this program offers a much more efficient way of jumping rope for total body conditioning. Eliminating unnecessary stress to the body creates an opportunity for longer workouts.  Specific techniques condition the large muscle groups of the upper and lower body simultaneously while building endurance and stamina. Here are some of the many benefits associated with the IROPE Fitness Program:

  • Can be done anywhere;
  • Reduces and in some cases eliminates stress to ankles, knees, and lower back (when done properly);
  • Reduces premature muscle fatigue to the arms and neck;
  • Allows the jump roper to  naturally stay on the ground longer, thus eliminating the need to jump higher than necessary to clear the rope;
  • Eliminates repetitive stress to the wrists;
  • Allows the jumper to work the large muscle groups of the upper and lower body simultaneously and more effectively;
  • Excellent for weight reduction and control;
  • Allows the jumper to execute sports specific drills while moving through the arc of the twirling rope, making it excellent for cross training;
  • Improves breathing;
  • Provides a safer alternative to the traditional stationary forward twirling style of jump roping;
  • Can be used for some types of physical rehabilitation (check with your physician first);
  • It's fun!

Jumping rope is regarded as one of the most efficient methods of cardiovascular training.
It is also an excellent way to burn calories. 


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